Wednesday, June 16, 2010, Stephen Plache and Todd Rosholt never paid me for webdesign

So, Stephen Plache and Todd Rosholt of and Black Tie Event Services Inc I entered into a contract on March 2010 to design their website They paid me a 50% deposit, and we started our project. When I finished the project they just decided not to pay me, laughed at me, and told me to go away. Really professional, BEWARE OF STEPHEN PLACHE AND TODD ROSHOLT AND STAFFWORKX.COM

Here is my story:

They sent me a powerpoint and said you need to make it look like this...well, It doesn't take a genius to understand that .html and a .ppt are two different things not to mention they don't look the same in every browser. Oh ya did I mention they want this website in 1.5 weeks, but sure why not.

I got the site completed for staffworkx....a.k.a. staffworst, and said here you go....They took a week to get back to me even though they needed it done a week ago, and said. Actually use this powerpoint to make it look like. Ok revisions sure, that is normal. But then they kept adding addition after addition. Raping me of phone time ( I spent over 4 hours total on the phone with these people) They would say make this site a quarter inch wider...Are there inches in webdesign?

They wanted to add a blog now, and also a splash page, they fired their logo designer, and made me fix it for free.

So, why was I so nice at the beginning?
Well, I worked with Todd Rosholt ( obviously he isn't much of a pro since his own homepage has a 404)before, and worked with a lovely woman Melissa Banuchi or, and he actually ripped her off too. So, I let some stuff slide, but started to get stern when we were reaching July, and no money had been paid.

So with all the extra revisions, extra site, they owed me $1,600.00. Now in my world people don't pay people only when they are broke. So, I'm just assuming Stephen Plache, Todd Rosholt, and are broke, and wouldn't suggest working with them unless you want to work for free.

So how it went down was. We spoke on the phone about the final revisions they wanted, I said email me what you need, and I received an email with 3 attachments, multiple pages of NEW things they wanted and changes to the site. I simply emailed back, I can do the editing of the site to make it look compatible and correct, but I cannot do "additions" until the invoice is paid ( which I had submitted 4 times already). I received an email back 2 days later stating:


After a long and extremely frustrating attempt at building the agreed upon webiste for staffworkx, we have decided to move in a different direction for the remainder of the website's development. The project has not been handled in accordance with the agreed upon terms of the contract including:

- Inaccurate content

- Incomplete content

- Incorrectly formatted content

- Navigational problems

- Non-working links

- Incomplete and innacurate forms

- Lack of timeliness for revisions and deliverables

Furthermore, at this time we have lost confidence that you are able to finish the project as agreed including the recent inaccuracies we presented by email last Sunday. Consider this a formal and legal notice as of June 15, 2010 the termination of our agreement. You may contact me directly if you would like to discuss any options to remedy.


Stephen J. Plache


black tie event services, inc.

I picked up the phone and called Stephen Place, and said hey I respect your decision to not work with me, however I need to be paid work work that is completed....Did I mention the site is still up? He told me

I have 2 options...

#1 To Go Away

and #2 To redo the whole site and my server and present it to him, and if he likes it he will pay me.

Now, what would you do?

Would you go buy something, pay 1/2 decided you didn't like it, wouldn't let you webmaster fix it, and keep it?

Really classy Stephen Plache, and Todd Rosholt of

If you would like to tell them how lame they are and to pay their web designer you may call them here:

Stephen J. Plache


black tie event services, inc.

office: 310.337.9900 x 22
mobile: 310.864.2421

Todd Rosholt:


I highly warn anyone of these two men as they have thieved thousands and thousands of dollars from people,

and they don't care and WILL DO it to you.